So I wanted to see Joey again but she wasn't available during my window of playtime.
But manager did me a solid and said she had TWO Japanese girls that just started and would I like to try. Heck yeah!. When I arrived I was able to meet both Yumi and Kara. Both were little petite J girls, both under 100lbs and 5' tall. Adorable, and with the requisite cute Japan girl greetings. Neither spoke more than a few words of english. Even the manager had difficulty as they didn't speak much Korean either. But Yumi had the J to English phone app..they would be here working for 4 weeks, then back to Tokyo. They were both teasing me and pawing my junk, so WHY NOT 2 girls!
Well it was a 30 minute session for xxx.
It was intense.
Both girls have perfect bodies, natural B tops, trimmed Japanese girl bushes.
I was scrubbed and sucked in the shower room, I couldn't keep track who was doing what.
Both girls worked like a team….teaming up on me.
On the bed…well before I could even get to the bed I was being DFK'd by both and BBBJ'd.
On the bed on my belly , 2 girl tongue bath…Yumi had her tongue DEEP on my ass.
Ive never been rimmed that deep. Kara underneath sucking my balls and head.
Turn over….both taking turns sucking. I have Yumi plant her pussy on my face and I go in.
Kara gets on top and starts smacking my cock on her lubed pussy and clit.
I can't take much more of this. She says time for condm or mouth? I say mouth….Kara is deepthroating my cock whilee Yumi DFK's and rubbing teasing my balls and belly.
I cum hard and Kara is taking every drop and more. I had to stop her it was so intense.

TOTALLY worth it.
Maybe next time I will take on just one.

I like the location, its in a very discreet building and they have their own floor.
Korean and chinese girls, some are full GFE types. Manager is a tiny friendly gal, always helpful.
Lucky had Natural DDs. They are her best assett. Shes not a young 20yr old beauty queen, but her service is tops, and she aims to please. I had a nice table shower tittie fuck/nuru, then in the room A MOST EXCELLENT BBBJ with FS, and ended with a relaxing strong real massage to complete my spa visit. Cherry review

Yeah Ive been here before...remembering the tiny elevator and the former Thai owner...good memories!
Its chinese/korean now. I saw Cherry a petite Korean gal with the biggest natural tits (in proportion to her body) Ive ever seen on an asian girl. And its nice firmish tit meat with great nipples. Shes not fat either, and has a real bubble butt (for a korean) on her too. Was told by the manager that she came straight from korean spa and does real korean style nuru with gfe. OK by me!
Well she really does a traditional style of bodyrub...undresses me, robe, shower scrub, then she gets naked and applies some conditioner slippery stuff and NURU's me back with those  DD titties and rubbing her smooth shaved pussy on my legs. THEN flip and ...YES  NURU on the front!  Im fukin those DD slippery titties, and shes rubbing her bald beaver sliding up nn down my cock shafy...not inside but it could easily woopsie happen, but Cherry was careful. Rinse and a BBBJ on the shower table. Dry off and in the room she goes out to get the lube and etc...
Comes back and we pretty much suck and lick each other 69 for a long time. Then she fingers my ahole with lube. Not too deep just enough to make me extra she does a deep BBBJ.
Then on w cover and I pound her FAT booty till Im at the edge, then she pulls off the cover and I shoot my juice all over those titties, shes stroking and fingering my ahole as I cum. Then she rubs the cum all over her tits. Like a PStar. .



56 RUB
This place goes by 56 RUB spa. The website I saw was  Most of the photos on the site were real shots of the girls at the spa, a few were the usual retouched ones.
The place is a korean spa, table shower, nice rooms with locking doors and a table and a dresser with mirror like a little bedroom. Clean and neat. I saw PEPSI. Absolutely beutiful, face and body.  Much hotter than your typical spa girl.I went for the VIP option. All details below.
As I said before, Pepsi is a beauty. Petite and very pretty, face as well as body. Shes got a sexy attitude and knew just what I wanted, which was a VIP treatment. Started with a table shower where she lathered me up and teased my asshole while stroking my cock and balls to get me hard. Rinse off and dried me, then in the room as I lay face down she started a soft touch and kisses all over my back, I could feel her tits and coochie on my back and realised she was naked. She tongued me all over, then turn over and she gave a nice ball bath. I had her turn around and I had a nice view of her bald pussy and I dove in on her wet kitty as she did the same on my cock. She slipped the cover on with her mouth so easily I thought she was going bareback. She did a really good DT CBJ, I was ready for some humpin so I had her get on top cowgirl , Pepsi put some gel lube on her kitty and boy did she like that, she was pumpin up and down on my cock as she was rubbin her clit. I had her get off and take off the cover and stroke my cock to cumming on her nice C tits...that was a nice view as she smiled and really got into it making my load spurt on her titties. She said "Nice cum too much, long time?"


Holymama of all $%@!!!  Vicky. Supergirl. She has amazing talents. In a special area. That I normally havent had success at but this china doll wonderwoman worked her magic tongue and amazed me. Her tongue is incredible, ask her to show you, she could lick her own nose. She is a superfreak China BABE.
First a standing shower in the room , theres a shower/tub IN the room. After a soaping and rinse she kneels down and deep throats me, the hot water spraying on us. Then she has me bend over and rimms me deep, my foot up on the rim of the tub for better access.
All the time, while I am immensely enjoying this, Im readying myself to go FS and doggie on this lovely girl.
She IS a sex a good way. And I almost never cum from BJ or bbbj. But thats about to change.
After a dry off, Im on the table and she basically gobbles me up every which way she can...tongue in my ass balls legs, cock, ears neck...after 20minutes of this Im ready for the cover and FS.
But then she kneels down and starts a SLOW cock worshipping BJ...wet and slow and teasing with that amazing tongue organ of hers. It has a will of its own. Soon she is picking up the pace, and now I am getting all kinds of new feelings...cock energising feelings with her mouth and tongue and throat and 2 hands...stroking and sucking and licking...faster and faster...NO TEETH just a warm welcoming suction the likes I have never experienced. And I can feel the distant rumble and thunderCUM Tsunami approaching and I think...YES IM GONNA CUM BBBJ TODAY......and she goes faster faster like some CHINA SEXBOT with UNLIMITED ENERGY...SHE DOES NOT SLOW OR SHOW ANY SIGN of getting tired ...she is relentless...all the while shes making cooing sexy cum noises too...annnnd Immm cummming....a long big load and VICKY keeps going....takes it ALL IN deep.  Finally I fall back and she slides my wet cummy cock out of her mouth and shes SMILING...and emptys my load into a paper towel. She says "a lot!" and she seems so PROUD of her skills.

Planning my repeat once I recover.

This Tigers place has probably the hottest girls in nyc. Spinner Sally to gym body Amber to incredible NATURAL DD Kathy. Of course I needed my tittie fix and went with DD Kathy. Real DD's!
sensual details below:
Kathy started with a table shower, she even took out her massive DDs and did a tittie rub on my soapy cock. Just to get warmed up.
In the room, some massage and then a slow strip tease, and a bodyrub , Kathy used her DD rub me all over. She faced on top 69 position for a nice view of her smooth kitty, and I couldnt help diving in for a lick while she gave me a cbj.
Of course I finished russian style (why do they call it that anyway>??)
Kathy stroked my oiled up cock as I lay back on the table. Then she brought her awesome mammaries to envelope my cock and slid it in and out...the feeling was raw and slippery a cunt but with her hands controlling the pressure...I came a lot and the cum filled up her cleavage and spilled all over her tits and nipples as she titie rubbed me to completion.Type your paragraph here.


Good Girl Spa

Ive been here a few times, seen some great girls and some ok girls. BUT Goodgirl spa has UPPED THEIR GAME with the addition of Amie and Monika. Two wild and GFE talented girls that are in a class of their own. I had an amazing session with both of them. Monika first...dirty details below...
Monika comes off quiet, she doesnt have much english skills. But her excitement is apparent...BIG smile, DFK greeting too. She started out with a table shower, and after a soapy rubdown she stripped naked and did a nuru bodyslide on me fron t AND back. SHe enjoyed it as much as i did.
In the room, she immediately gets naked, she did a slow tease, body tongue cat bath from foot to ears, then patted my butt and hips to raise up on my hands and knees and she puts some gel lube on my cock from behind and starts stroking it, then she grabs my ass cheeks and spreads them starts first licking my taint and then ahole, then my puts her face in and deep tongues my ahole...tongue fucks me literally..its amazing and electric. Monika has a long tongue, as I noticed at the first DFK when we met.
A long session of rimming soon transitioned to her sucking my cock bare while Im still on my hands and knees. Im rock hard by now. My arms are getting tired...its so good though. But I flip and monika continues the BBBJ as Im on my back now. Then she slips on the cover and guides my hard cock in to her really wet smooth pussy...she is all smiles and genuinely enjoying herself.
Shes riding up and down faster and harder. I say "you give me good tip??" and she understands that and shyly laughs. We change positions and I enter her big round ass doggie style, shes reacharoundunder and fondles my balls as I bang her...Im ready to cum, so pull out. Monika removes the coner and finished me off BBBJ and ball/taint/ahole rubbing untill I cum in her lovely mouth a strong load and she takes it all while continuing milking every drop. SHe excuses herself and  cleans up and we do a shower together after. An epic encounter that I rank in my top 10 gfe PSE
Very nice place, has a lounge/bar atmosphere. The rooms are private with doors. The girls...absolutely beautiful asian model types. I recognised Sherie from the now closed Sallys spa. I made my choice, she is pure korean hotness. Details in next section.
Usually I alternate between full service fucking and sometimes I just go for a nude bodyslide and handjob. With the beautiful Sherie, I wanted to wear her like a pair of sunglasses...I dove in to her shaved tasty kitty as she straddled me 69 and stroked me to thick hardness, licking the shaft and balls then on with the cover using her mouth. I bring the super thin condoms and they feel like bareback. Sheries BJ technique is great, slow sucking. She dismounted and did a long BJ staring seductively at me with my cock stretching her lips. I was ready to cum...had her assume lie on her back spread her legs and entered her wet cunt while standing and holding her calves. She rubbed my balls as I slid in and out, faster and deeper, finally cumming hard in the cover.
After we had a playful shower freshen up together. Beautiful girl, Sheri.  Heather review
This spa is pretty new. I happened to recognise the girl from the photos, she was at Silk Tigers. Totally hot. The place is big, and looks upscale with a nice lounge area.
I went with Heather, whom I had seen before at another place and had a great time with. It was all good, details below.
Heather remembered me, so she was at ease and we were off to funland straight away.
She even got naked in the shower with me that was unexpected, had a nice bit of soapy fun there. Back in the room we wrestled naked on the table, my face in her ass..she has a GREAT ass and atheletic toned body. She gives the best CBJ, I bring my own thin japanese condoms, its really the same as a bbbj and a big difference to the standard condoms the spa has.
I finished doing Heather Doggy style, she has a magnificent booty.