LANA Latina DD

Beautiful apartment, big king bed, clean sheets, spotless shower. Its really an upscale escort setup without the upscale$$$. She does as many pops as you can do in the hour for the same $.
CBJ, shower together bodyslide and tit fuck.
Her PM prostate massage is great, And if youre into it, strapon  too.
CBJ WITH a PM, Tit fuck, soapy shower together, nude bodyslide on the bed and second pop in the shower on her DD tits. all for 170 hour. Best deal around. Shes a great fun gal.

LanaLana had been around for years and in her private apartment, she does the best latina style NURU shower bodyrub and many other delights...prostate massage, titty f, and second visit much more.
A delightful gal.
Lana first gave me a soapy shower, together, and I titty fucked her cumming all over her DDs. Shower cleanup.
On the bed she did a cbj as she massaged my prostate with latex gloved was cosmic! I had a second cumming , very intense. Shes the prostate queen. Try it youll thank me later.


Good Girl Spa

Ive been here a few times, seen some great girls and some ok girls. BUT Goodgirl spa has UPPED THEIR GAME with the addition of Amie and Monika. Two wild and GFE talented girls that are in a class of their own. I had an amazing session with both of them. Monika first...dirty details below...
Monika comes off quiet, she doesnt have much english skills. But her excitement is apparent...BIG smile, DFK greeting too. She started out with a table shower, and after a soapy rubdown she stripped naked and did a nuru bodyslide on me fron t AND back. SHe enjoyed it as much as i did.
In the room, she immediately gets naked, she did a slow tease, body tongue cat bath from foot to ears, then patted my butt and hips to raise up on my hands and knees and she puts some gel lube on my cock from behind and starts stroking it, then she grabs my ass cheeks and spreads them starts first licking my taint and then ahole, then my puts her face in and deep tongues my ahole...tongue fucks me literally..its amazing and electric. Monika has a long tongue, as I noticed at the first DFK when we met.
A long session of rimming soon transitioned to her sucking my cock bare while Im still on my hands and knees. Im rock hard by now. My arms are getting tired...its so good though. But I flip and monika continues the BBBJ as Im on my back now. Then she slips on the cover and guides my hard cock in to her really wet smooth pussy...she is all smiles and genuinely enjoying herself.
Shes riding up and down faster and harder. I say "you give me good tip??" and she understands that and shyly laughs. We change positions and I enter her big round ass doggie style, shes reacharoundunder and fondles my balls as I bang her...Im ready to cum, so pull out. Monika removes the coner and finished me off BBBJ and ball/taint/ahole rubbing untill I cum in her lovely mouth a strong load and she takes it all while continuing milking every drop. SHe excuses herself and  cleans up and we do a shower together after. An epic encounter that I rank in my top 10 gfe PSE

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56 RUB

The place is a korean spa, table shower, nice rooms with locking doors and a table and a dresser with mirror like a little bedroom. Clean and neat. I saw PEPSI. Absolutely beutiful, face and body.  Much hotter than your typical spa girl.I went for the VIP option. All good...

Annie and JOY will suck you off bareback. Joy has giant DD naturals and an hourglass shape body. Beauty.
Becky no, cbj. The other girls I dont know, you have to ask.
Standard 80 door and 100tip for nude cbj/hj , more for BBBJ of course. Same as most places.
Overall clean place, private rooms, and good location if youre in the upper times square area.

Very nice place, has a lounge/bar atmosphere. The rooms are private with doors. The girls...absolutely beautiful asian model types.

Theres some very good asian japanese and dimsum restaurants next door for after the fun.
Place is new looking, clean and the girls are Model quality.
Macy, a sweet friendly and hot girl. If ya likes slim model types with big boobs and super slim bodies, Macy fits the bill. Table shower first, with roaming and a sudsy HJ. Back to the private room she gave a kissing bodyrub and tease , in the nude, on me...front and back, with a cbj. And a 69 so I could tongue play on her shaved smooth pussy. She is lightweight and I could easily lift by her hips and daty on her as she did the CBJ.
Continued with FS in lots of positions CG doggie and standing doggie.  Heather review
This spa is pretty new. I happened to recognise the girl from the photos, she was at Silk Tigers. Totally hot. The place is big, and looks upscale with a nice lounge area.
I went with Heather, whom I had seen before at another place and had a great time with. It was all good, details below.
Heather remembered me, so she was at ease and we were off to funland straight away.
She even got naked in the shower with me that was unexpected, had a nice bit of soapy fun there. Back in the room we wrestled naked on the table, my face in her ass..she has a GREAT ass and atheletic toned body. She gives the best CBJ, I bring my own thin japanese condoms, its really the same as a bbbj and a big difference to the standard condoms the spa has.
I finished doing Heather Doggy style, she has a magnificent booty.


3838 spa


New place on 38 street. Girls were chinese and korean AND one japanese. I knew the famous Amie on seeing the lineup, so I went with a sure thing. Win!
Amie is possibly the best at the GFE total service thing. From the nuru bodyslide with rimming and bbbj in the shower, to MORE rimming, DFK, BBBJ, and she sucked me from below with her finger up my ass as she deep throated my cock...too much ...and ALL GREAT!
I can reccomend Amie as a winner.
Other girls there looked very good too, will try a 2girl session, which Amie reccomended with her.

Honeygirl spa


Their website states "BIG JUICY BREASTS". And they aint lying! I saw Fendi, a natural C beauty, blond/brown hair and a stunning body.
Fendi is a real beauty, photos on are accurate...even hotter in person and naked, haha.
Table shower first, some soapy hj stuff. In the room a bodyslide naked rub, and I massaged her too, exploring all over. She has very nice natural tits. Finished our hour with a slow doggie style , standing position.

Star Spa 57

Place is much nicer than the usual spa, black tile shower room, and its big. Private rooms w doors offer privacy for fun...
Got a nice late night body shower, massage and full service cbj and doggie style finish from Mimi. Massage was good, and transitioned to a hot tease and titty massage, she oiled up those natural tits and got me hard, almost came but saved my jizz for her cbj

This Tigers place has probably the hottest girls in nyc. Spinner Sally to gym body Amber to incredible NATURAL DD Kathy. Of course I needed my tittie fix and went with DD Kathy. Real DD's!
sensual details below:
Kathy started with a table shower, she even took out her massive DDs and did a tittie rub on my soapy cock. Just to get warmed up.
In the room, some massage and then a slow strip tease, and a bodyrub , Kathy used her DD rub me all over. She faced on top 69 position for a nice view of her smooth kitty, and I couldnt help diving in for a lick while she gave me a cbj.
Of course I finished russian style (why do they call it that anyway>??)
Kathy stroked my oiled up cock as I lay back on the table. Then she brought her awesome mammaries to envelope my cock and slid it in and out...the feeling was raw and slippery a cunt but with her hands controlling the pressure...I came a lot and the cum filled up her cleavage and spilled all over her tits and nipples as she titie rubbed me to completion.


Been here a few times. Always see the young 20ish Hot girls like Eva but this time when asking manager who is most popular she said Hanna. And Hanna was busy with a customer at the time. I asked why and she said shes good massage and "everything". I needed a REAL massage, so WTF, I waited for 15min for Hanna instead of going for the model/hottie that was available. And it was a good choice this time...
First a complete table shower, Hanna paid special attention to EVERYWHERE, ass, balls feet … and some real soapy massage too. Then she started a soapy wet HJ, and by her incredible expert cockhandling I knew she had the gift. She did that chinatown style ball/shaft/cockhead wrist slide thing kungfu hand job motion that had me hard instantly.
Back in the room the gave me a 40minute REAL deep tissue massage and backtalk. I was already in my head giving her a 120 tip for that even if it turned out to be just a HJ ending, because the massage and her effort and technique were that good.
So after the massage she asks “you tired, I just give you HJ ok?” And I said sure, but I already had her panties down and she had her D tits out and I mentioned she has such a nice booty so….she say Ok and gets a cover. Comes back, naked and gives me a SLOW tease ball shaft lick and pussy slide with her big Ds in my face. Some BBBJ and on w cove for a very good CBJ. Then she puts my cock in her TIGHT pussy, she lubed up first. She’s enjoying this and I said “good idea?” and she smiles yes.
Switch to doggie then standing miss and I give her a good thrusting and she’s pushing back and reaching around to pull me in deeper and faster..its late Im tired and can’t really cum, but she’s having multiples and in her own little world eyes closed and saying I want cum want cum …she’s rubbing her clit hard and dos curling and moaning as Im thrusting and she’s pulling me in deep and finally she’s done. I make a joke “how much my tip” and she say no cum? I say no, she has me lay down, off w cover, and proceeds to give an epic HJ/tittiw fuck that produces a boatload of jizz all over her kitties and hands.
Great massage, epic orgasm.
Felt great the next morning too.


8/18  (note this girl is now named NICOLE)
Small elevator takes you up to their floor. No neighbors, and you get buzzed in so its pretty secret.
Sophia is chinese, BIG tits, Big ass, luscious lips on a pretty face. Overall a sexy package.
Some english, but she pronounces I FUCK YOU in a very hot way. First the table shower, with a nude soapy bodyslide and bbbj. Sucks a mean BBBJ and fingered my ahole while she did it.
In the room she gave a 69 BBBJ while I licked her meaty cunt lips.
Cowgirl she enjoyed as I worked her full D titties and thick nipples. Had her dismount and stroke me off and stream a cup of hot cream on those titties, she rubbed the cum all over like a true porn star.


Double teamed by Niki and BOBO
I called and made a visit at 9pm for Bobo. On arriving, the manager said it was slow and that I could have a choice of Bobo or Niko or even both. Well, as Im mulling this over in the curtained waiting area, in comes Bobo AND Niko. They are two wild and dirty girls and they proceeded to convince me that a threesome would be a good idea...that took maybe 10seconds from their DFk and rubbing my stuff...all in the waiting room! I said OK, and they led me to the room where I was immediately stripped down as one was pulling off my shoes and briefs and the other was with her tongue in my mouth.
It was a co-ordinated attack, well orchestrated and they were well prepared with practiced teamwork.
I didnt have a chance. ; )
Shower room, big room w table. Soaped up, then on the table for a 2 girl BBBJ/hj/rimming.
Then Bobo reversed and I was licking her cunt, as Niko gave an epic BBBJTC, with Bobo helping...honestly I really didnt know from that point on as I was ears deep in Bobo's ass so I couldnt see who was doing what but it was incredible and as I was about to cum, bobo slipped aside and I could see her hands on my balls as Niko was deepthroating my cock and the cum was dripping down her lips as Bobo kept massageing my balls. Niko didnt stop till I was drained.
Wash up from both girls and back to the room for more...(OMG)
I needed a rest for 5, so they did a 2 girl kiss/bodyrubshow for me, really right on top of me, and then they focused attention to my now awakening cock. Bobo with a DFK, then down for a BBBJ , I flipped on my hands knees as Niko gave a rimming and Bobo continues her BBBJ, then she slid up and DFK, Niko rimming me and rubbing BOBO. Niko had no hesitation on playing with Bobo.  I was ready to fuck, so Niko put on the cover and guided me into Bobo. Then bBobo flipped for DOGGIE.
Doggie on bobo's beautiful ass. Then Niko slid over, changed cover and I did Niko Doggie then Mish. Niko is very horny/hot and I was feeling a second cumming. Pulled out and had them both (cover off) stroke and BBBJ me till I came all over Niko's nice tits.
Best session ever.